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We arrived at Varanasi at about 8 in the morning. The train journey wasn't bad, we actually slept and had no bugs infesting our bunk beds so all was fine.

When we walked out of the wagon in the usual river of people we found a guy asking if we were Wil & Daphne and he was the person who would take us to our hotel. We needed a shower badly but still wanted to start seeing parts of this holy city.

Our hotel was outside of Varanasi about 6 km from the ghats. It's actually a good thing as the hotels are nicer and more comfy, plus the area is a restricted are at night thus reducing the criminality rate. Our hotel was great Hotel Andana if I recall well and we stayed here for 3 nights.

So after changing and freshening up we met our driver in the afternoon who took us to visit some temples - one at the university and one in the centre of the city in which a priest, after giving me a blessing and tying a cheap string round my neck asked for a 100 rupees - I declined and when I off…


Finally I get down to continue writing this blog! Well after a great stay in Kajuraho with the kamasutra temples and all we left to Jansi. It's quite a long drive and we arrived in the afternoon and our driver took us to the main historical place - Jansi fort. Yet another fort but this time here there weren't so many people, was a nice stroll about and there are even monkeys to spook you a bit when they start looking a bit threatening!

After the fort we drove out of Jansi to a nearby village - the birth place of our driver. Honestly this was a real experience for us. The true India, the people, the faces, the richness of the soul and of the smiles. We were greeted by his family as if we ourselves were family and after a short viewing of the living quarters ( 3 rooms a court yard and a back yard with a cow & calf, which is a big dwelling for the standards of the village) and a drive and walk around the village, we were offered dinner before starting our journey back to Jans…

Working on new work

After my trip to India and shall I say the thousands of photos I have yet to sort through, I have done some new work with the venere team and have some other new projects in the pipeline.

The latest two shoots were actually quite interesting and challenging and will be showing the results as soon as the tv programmes are aired else surely I would be shot by the producers ;)

So very soon will update the blog with some drag pics and hopefully first will publish some of the fantastic india too!

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