Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kajuraho - day 15 & 16

The way from Orcha to Kajuraho is relatively short compared to other places so the ride was not as tiring, but on arrival at the hotel we found that were quite out of the city - this is a bit of a pain since you have to rely on your driver, but good as the hotels are much better than the ones found in the centre.

We checked in and went to the centre and after struggling a bit with the super pushy Vendors at the car parks we decided to eat a dosa at Madras Cafe - and what a dosa! This guy made the best dosa we had tasted till now! At least it was something to cherish.

After we went to visit the east temples which are not so famous since and well known as they are smaller and less known but still they are wonderful with loads of sculptures and surprisingly well kept! (plus you get in free :)

At the site of the last temple there is a nice small river pity that the vendors are also there and I even had one showing me the quality of a brass cup by hitting it next to my ear to check the resonance! All we wanted was to be quite and enjoy the sight of the running water, the birds and the guys washing a motorbike and a jeep in the middle of the river. Left the river we stopped at a local open Market place and went for a walk around the colourful stands - veg, fruit, fish (river fish), sweets, rice, Tobacco, dal, etc and we even saw a cobra guy using the snake to get free produce - the ba****d!

That eve we just took it easy and had a nice dinner at Raja's, a cool place with a terrance, a tandoori oven and a chef willing to show his ways of cooking!

Now we have to say that the main attraction of Kajuraho is the so called kamasutra temples. What's the kamasutra so? Kama means love and sutra means sex, so basically the sculptures here are erotic sculptures. That aside the temple complex is amazing and hey - about the erotic sculptures you will immediately see the most evident ones, but the fun is in managing to find the small hidden ones!!

Honestly for me this was amazing - the work involved in these temples is out of this world and even photos or video cannot explain imagine words - you have to see the place in person a feel it for yourself to understand it.

From here we had lunch again at madras with whom by now we had made friends and ventured to try his banana lassi - served in a very suggestive glass stating "yes - go for it!" - it was yummy but too much milk for my liking.

After lunch we asked our driver to take us in the old village and we walked for about 30min in an empty road occasionally being stopped by curious bike riders asking where are we from etc. Returning back to the car a group of kids came running towards us offering beris a small fruit which is very nice, but actually makes you quite thirsty. We stayed with them for some minutes playing around with the video camera and also spoke to their grandma who had also joined the party. These kids were really poor - they didn't come asking for the usual rupee - they just spoke to us - we gave some money to the grandma to get all something and hope she did as unfortunately you don't have much of control in these situations, but our driver made sure to be very clear with her. These people are poor - they basically live in tree structures or in small mud brick houses - and this was only the first village I am sure there is lots more and lots worse - I feel too little to help I wish to help but don't have a clue how to even start.

Kajuraho proved to be an amazing place - it provided the art, the history and the character a traveller looks for. Don't bother about the vendors (they will get the French groups!! Hehe) just enjoy each minute and if you have time visit the poor villages you might learn a thing or two like I did!

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