Wednesday, August 10, 2016 A**

I have failed to write in this blog for quite sometime, but I felt that now was the ideal time, since it is very obvious that #shit has really hit the fan!

I have been driving since I was 18 years old, thus an odd 21 years and I was never 'scared' - that is until now.

Our roads in #Malta, have become a total mayhem and I am sure this is not only due to the unprecedented increase in number of vehicles. So what is the reason? I can immediately come up with 3 reasons which crop up to my mind.

No. 1   : Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth! Even though we #humans (with an IQ higher than room temperature) can 'manage' to do two things at once (or think we can), the focus of the human mind is split and priority is given to the 'harder' task - if you don't believe me since I am no psychologist - you can check out this Link.

So if we cannot really multitask, lets have the following scenario:
What are people doing in their cars nowadays? I limited myself to 15 - anyone that would like to add please go ahead!!! 

Task 1  : Drive (This is supposed to be priority number 1)
Task 2  : Listen to the radio
Task 3  : Participate in competitions on the Radio (hopefully using hands free!??!)
Task 4  : Answering calls on Mobil Phone (Again hopefully in hands free mode!)
Task 5  : Read Text on Mobile Phone whilst driving
Task 6  : Write Text on Mobile Phone whilst driving
Task 7  : Fiddle with central console or other instruments
Task 8  : Arrange the seat up down / side / front forward etc - whilst driving!
Task 9  : Have an argument or heated conversation (with a passenger or with another driver!)
Task 10: EAT!!
Task 11: Read Newspaper (Saw it!)
Task 12: Do your makeup (again yes! Saw it myself)
Task 13: Play with the Kids (kids are jumping from rear seat to front seat and vice versa etc)
Task 14: Play or Shout at the Dog
Task 15: Hold the Dog on your lap

Just thinking - if you ignore Task 1 (Driving) and concentrate on let's say Eating (a piping hot, oil dripping pizza or pastizzi) will this "hinder" your driving ability? I have a tendency of saying yes!

Just yesterday, whilst walking in Msida, Junior Collage area, an amazingly talented driver, sped into the round about, turning at speed (or tried to), whilst gorging her face with a pizza slice and arguing with the girl in the passenger seat! She nearly ran me over whilst I was still on the pavement!

So I guess people should re-think their amazing abilities of #multitasking - please do!!!

No. 2   : Common Sense

Well it's not so common! And it really shows. Unfortunately we experience this every day in all walks of life - but seems to highlight itself in driving! When you see some accidents, sometimes the question is "how the hell did they manage that?" Well usually it is due to lack of common sense.

For example : If its a blind corner, don't turn with elevated speed and hope for the best. If its a tight road and there is oncoming traffic STOP, not keep pushing and bully your way in (usually the one coming opposite is a bigger bully!!) etc etc.....

Yet again - common sense is also compromised while "trying" to multitask - thus turning a round about at speed with one hand on the wheel, since you are concentrated to stuff your face in Pizza makes it near to impossible for the mind to comprehend that at that speed you won't make the turn!!

No. 3   : Arrogance

You pay taxes?? - GREAT - you are paying for using the road, but its not bloody yours!!!

Arrogance I think is one of the worse contributors to the mayhem and this is totally escalating. Road bullying is becoming a common trait and seems that it is on the increase. Common courtesy has become an endangered species and is nearly not seen anymore. I understand life has become faster, but that is the perception we put on our selves with all the readily available info we have, but this shouldn't make us Monsters that we cannot tolerate someone coming out of a side road, while the road is totally jammed and instead of giving way, we keep pushing as long as we block him, when still we are blocked in the queue.

Arrogance has grown and is growing in every corner of our life and everyone think they are "King" (or "Queen" - or "Princess" - to be fully sexually correct) and this simply creates a real life Game of Thrones scenario, which unfortunately a lot of them happen on the streets!

Well I guess I said too much now - I hope you can contribute more as my Thoughts & Tantrums are only mine and yours would definitely add the colour and flavour!

Wish you all a great day!

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